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OMG it's a funny looking livejournal and I must touch it!

A look into a messed up mind

6 December
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Nearly random stuffs here
Age:Noodles are good.Do you like noodles?
Sign:Sun sign-Sagattarius Star Sign-Leo Chinese-Dragon
Hobbies:Anime, manga, reading, research, video games, daydreaming, writing
Favorite Food:Pasta
Favorite Drink:Orange soda
Favorite Animal:Cats

Hi there.I would describe myself as intelligent, quite unusual, welll..some people say i'm cute and selfish at times I have to admit.I am atheist and liberal.Don't even try to convert me, as I am very feisty with debating.But yet, i'm a romantic person, to me people's love for each other is the most beautiful thing in the world.Hmm, still here?Okie doke.I'm really clumsy though.My feelings are intense and the facial expression that goes along with it scares people.Or maybe it's the asperger's.Anime is something I quite like, but I most certainly go out of my house a lot and stay squeaky clean.I'm also a big fan of sci fi and fantasy novels.I will read other things though, like classic books.I like console RPGs a ton too.ZOMG, i'm a geek.I cook well though, and love animals.I like talking to people in real life and offline, although i'm shy and my social skills are rough around the edges.Like super rough.I'm childfree and don't hate children, but I don't like bratty ones.No, I will not change my mind and any comments like that will get me to be icky.Wow, still here?Have a chocolate chip cookie!I really like talking on AIM, so IMs are welcome.