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OMG it's a funny looking livejournal and I must touch it!
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Sunday, July 24th, 2005
9:54 pm
Ugh ugh ugh.Bad luck everywhere, once I get into a good mood, something bad hits me like a brick.My friend is pissed at me and ignoring me and I keep on freaking out people..fuck it.I hope my family members I haven't seen in years won't be hellish..ya never know, my uncle by marriage's niece may be one of the most annoying things on the planet...

A girl who only thinks about cute boys.

*Smashes head* I'm going insane and i'm sure this post will get some nasty comments too!

Current Mood: crushed
Wednesday, June 29th, 2005
11:10 pm
Full moon
It's a full moon, right?I wonder if anyone I know is dancing under it.(It says it's one on my calender, really!)

Current Mood: content
Saturday, June 25th, 2005
12:38 am
Oh damn, what a guilty pleasure
Ya know, the be the ultimate shonen anime.Shaman King, Pokemon, Zatch Bell, etc.Ugh..brain..frazzling out..BEEP

Current Mood: Sblade Brain=Mush
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
11:33 pm
Yes..i've been writing.
I am working on a story called Shiva.From the looks of it now, if I keep this going it will be novella or so sized.Eeep!Here's the introduction.

Liam Kojima is a young poliction. After getting dumped by his girlfriend and losing his campaign run, he's pretty sad, obviously. When he comes home from a run, the winner in the campaign gives him a visit and an argument ensures.To not get killed, he must take a very strange deal:tutor the person who is closest to being the one that was created to destroy the human race for a extreme evorimental plan. However, the so called destroyer is a rather smart and cute 17 year old teen-whom Liam grows feelings towards.

Current Mood: busy
Friday, May 27th, 2005
9:37 pm
A rant
Okay, so i'm having sex ed in health class.It would usually be a good thing..but.

My health teacher is a fucking nut.

EVERY single time he goes over a type of birth control, he tells us it can fail!I know it can, but you don't have to repeat it that damned much!He tells us we SHOULDN'T HAVE SEX UNTIL 25. YEARS. OLD. I'm not kidding. Look, you fucktard, the myth somebody can make their sexuilty dissapear until they're married/a certain age, is a myth.He goes into detail about birth, making me want to faint and kill him at the same time, since today it's supposed to be birth control!Hmmm...he has two boys now..I bet he's feeling evenious of other people, not being able to have sex. *Giggle* Thank the non-existant God this is the last year of Health.

Question for ya'll:Should I speak aganist him, even if it gets me dentention and gets a "I'm older than you, I know better than you!"?

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
7:56 pm
I cannot help but share this joke
Friend:I'm going to eat your firstborn!
Me:I'm never ever i'm having children!
Friend:Fine, i'll eat your unborn children.
Me:Sounds good to me!

Current Mood: giggly
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
6:42 pm
A tiny rantful question
Why, oh why, do some people get so pissy when people mispronouce Japanese terms?

Current Mood: blah
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
12:11 pm
Meep meep!
Today I go to sears.Perhaps some trading cards in the mall...I wonder if my friends will be wandering around there(Are they being mall rats or what?)

Anyways.Lately i've been setting up my calico critters house with furniture and the dolls.It's like a doll house..but all the people are animals.Anyone want to see pictures, now that I finally figured out the lj cut?Darn, I love my toys...

Current Mood: awake
Saturday, May 7th, 2005
5:06 pm
Well, ugh.
*Gets out soapbox* Today I will be going aganist the several excuses aganist gays in general.Excuses excuses people!

You don't really love her.It's just the sex:
Meh.Note, the girl I loved is not the sexually promiscious type and it'd take years, dude.So stop the generalizing

God says so!:
Why is your god such an ass and wants the world he created to be so set?I'm going straight to hell.

AIDs is a big problem, it's a sign it's unnataural:
Uhm, just as many hetero people get AIDs

Homosexual people are pedophiles:
Different things.Homosexual=Likes people of same sex Pedophila=Likes children.Get that into your brain and stop generalizing.

It's unnatural:
There are homosexual animals.And we are animals, for you people who think you're a special species or something.

Fags are fun to beat up:
Uhm..i'd call you a sociopath.

They can't produce babies!:
Does it really matter, with so many people on this damned planet?

Soon after gay marriage we'll go for animal human marriages!
Ah, the classic excuse!Tell me:Why the fuck do you care?

It will cause the downfall of society!
Hey hey, did you know in Ancient Greece, guys liked having relationships with other guys and had babies still.Wasn't that a great society?

Gays try to force us to be gay:
Noo.It's more like you want to make us hetero.

It's just wrong!:
Please think a little more.I'd really love that.

Well..I think that's enough for now.*Throws soapbox at someone*

Current Mood: crazy
Sunday, May 1st, 2005
5:17 pm
They say April is the cruelest month.Well, ya know what?
For me it's May.
It starts off with a cold.
And I know other scary things are coming.

Current Mood: scared
Friday, April 22nd, 2005
8:09 pm
Ya know, even so i'm bi and all, the idea of a lesbian community is funny and freaks me out at the same time.Perhaps i'm repressed or something.Note, never call your small violent male friend a repressed homosexual or you'll get pushed into the ground.*Snort* I am so immature.

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
1:51 pm
I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow, and for I am so childish and haven't taken my meds AND ate too much sugar...I am too excited for words. Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson, or perhaps more of A song of Fire and Ice?

HERE ENDS THE CRAZINESS.I shall go to home depot now...o.o;;

Current Mood: hyper
Monday, April 18th, 2005
12:11 am
Dear random people...
I am sorry but being pro-life IS anti-woman.It's either the fetus being removed or the fetus ruining my body and life.Parasite people.All in all-choose the lady who's done things in life or a nice little blob of cells.Oh, you say I can have both!? Then we're really adding to overpopluation, are we?And making me suffer..niiice.

A message from The Kook
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
2:06 pm
To everyone...
Just a question for ya'll, did you know anyone, they dissappeared for a bit and then you find out they died somehow, from anything like drunk driving to sucide?I had a thought that happened to someone and it felt like a arrow through my heart.(I'm so poetic)

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, April 10th, 2005
11:16 am
It's said that people with asperger's lack macihellivan or whatever intelligence. The abilty to manipulate and lie and such(OHMIGOD, Roy--what's wrong with me?). But my mom says I do lie.

I tried stalking my friend in real life by trying to find her livejournal account. Didn't work. FAILURE.

Wow, can you believe it? I'm scared to go to www.portalofevil.com Really scary site, with tons of assholes on the forum. Yet I went there all the time before...
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
10:33 pm
ARRRGH too much snow *Drowns in snow..not*.Anyways, anyone read the His Dark Materials trilogy?Good stuff *Thumbs up* Bratty children that seem intersting and funny..ugh, creepy. What's wrong with me? Nah, there's nothing wrong, I still get that firey feeling of hatred in my stomach when I hear about those demon children who harrassed me in my childhood and when kids make...oh never mind.

Ah, yes, Fullmetal Alchemist, I was so sad when the first dvd was over.If only it was coming out next month until of april *Sigh*

Current Mood: Shakey
Sunday, January 30th, 2005
2:55 pm
Note for everyone
My computer has broke again.What is it with my bad luck for breaking stuff?*Knock on wood* Anyways, I cannot use AIM and can only use my mom's computer for limited times until the person who fixes our stuff, well fixes it.

Current Mood: nervous
Tuesday, January 25th, 2005
2:33 am
Yes happy crazy question<---Engrish
Okay, this is question for Ki and anyone else who wanders here(Like hell that'll happen):

If a new world was to be created ground up, would you like a world set on survival of the fittest or a world of stillness, where there's no emotions, thus no pain, and everyone is one unit?

Hope i'm clear enough.A whole day of playing video games has tired out my brain.

Also, somebody get me battetries.Damn walkman is great and all, but eats batteries like a lion on the savannah.

Current Mood: thoughtful
Sunday, January 23rd, 2005
11:18 pm
OMG Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is good stuff! :D However, Dante kicked my ass and it looks like I need to level up more.Until then I was on a roll.Oh well, at least i've gone beyond where I was in my last save, which was deleted when the ps2 was stolen. XD Those Mantra demons run on anger engrey.I was so addicted for awhile, I had to make to sure to eat!Which is extremely odd with me, not wanting to eat.I kinda remember doing the same thing with Okage:Shadow King, and I beat it rather quick, although it's a short RPG anyways.Also...

We got 3 feet of snow.I am stuck in here.My kitty Spike can't even go to the bathroom.My brother couldn't even get out to plow snow in a nearby town.Meeeep!

Current Mood: crazy
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
12:47 am
Fuck, i've been rather harassed lately.If you want to harass me, at the least tell me first,or is it really that fun not to?

Current Mood: bitchy
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