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Well, ugh.

*Gets out soapbox* Today I will be going aganist the several excuses aganist gays in general.Excuses excuses people!

You don't really love her.It's just the sex:
Meh.Note, the girl I loved is not the sexually promiscious type and it'd take years, dude.So stop the generalizing

God says so!:
Why is your god such an ass and wants the world he created to be so set?I'm going straight to hell.

AIDs is a big problem, it's a sign it's unnataural:
Uhm, just as many hetero people get AIDs

Homosexual people are pedophiles:
Different things.Homosexual=Likes people of same sex Pedophila=Likes children.Get that into your brain and stop generalizing.

It's unnatural:
There are homosexual animals.And we are animals, for you people who think you're a special species or something.

Fags are fun to beat up:
Uhm..i'd call you a sociopath.

They can't produce babies!:
Does it really matter, with so many people on this damned planet?

Soon after gay marriage we'll go for animal human marriages!
Ah, the classic excuse!Tell me:Why the fuck do you care?

It will cause the downfall of society!
Hey hey, did you know in Ancient Greece, guys liked having relationships with other guys and had babies still.Wasn't that a great society?

Gays try to force us to be gay:
Noo.It's more like you want to make us hetero.

It's just wrong!:
Please think a little more.I'd really love that.

Well..I think that's enough for now.*Throws soapbox at someone*
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