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A rant

Okay, so i'm having sex ed in health class.It would usually be a good thing..but.

My health teacher is a fucking nut.

EVERY single time he goes over a type of birth control, he tells us it can fail!I know it can, but you don't have to repeat it that damned much!He tells us we SHOULDN'T HAVE SEX UNTIL 25. YEARS. OLD. I'm not kidding. Look, you fucktard, the myth somebody can make their sexuilty dissapear until they're married/a certain age, is a myth.He goes into detail about birth, making me want to faint and kill him at the same time, since today it's supposed to be birth control!Hmmm...he has two boys now..I bet he's feeling evenious of other people, not being able to have sex. *Giggle* Thank the non-existant God this is the last year of Health.

Question for ya'll:Should I speak aganist him, even if it gets me dentention and gets a "I'm older than you, I know better than you!"?
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