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OMG Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne is good stuff! :D However, Dante kicked my ass and it looks like I need to level up more.Until then I was on a roll.Oh well, at least i've gone beyond where I was in my last save, which was deleted when the ps2 was stolen. XD Those Mantra demons run on anger engrey.I was so addicted for awhile, I had to make to sure to eat!Which is extremely odd with me, not wanting to eat.I kinda remember doing the same thing with Okage:Shadow King, and I beat it rather quick, although it's a short RPG anyways.Also...

We got 3 feet of snow.I am stuck in here.My kitty Spike can't even go to the bathroom.My brother couldn't even get out to plow snow in a nearby town.Meeeep!
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